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Actor in a sustainable and shared solidarity

Community participation in the construction of a school

Sikkikede – Vakaga Prefecture – CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC // Photo: Wenceslas Bemonza / TGH ©

Therapeutic work session in the Saharawi refugee camps

Tindouf - ALGERIE

Construction of an irrigation canal

Na Kheu - LAOS

Recreational activities organized with our partner La voix du cœur on the occasion of the International Day for Street Children


Construction of a water tower

Darfur - SOUDAN

Needs assessment of displaced Iraqi families

Erbil Region – Iraqi Kurdistan

Works on a water transmission line

Sohung – North Korea

Participation communautaire dans le cadre de la construction d'une école

Sikkikédé – Préfecture de la Vakaga – CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC // Photo: Wenceslas Bemonza / TGH

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About TGH

Born in 1994 from the desire to develop a cross-disciplinary and sustainable expertise

Triangle Génération Humanitaire is an International Solidarity Organisation designing and implementing emergency, rehabilitation and development programmes in the field of water, hygiene and sanitation, civil engineering, food security, rural development, socio-educational and psychosocial.

In 2016, its committed teams operate in 11 countries and territories and manage 65 programmes thanks to sustainable public partnerships with major international donors.


TGH is an international solidarity organisation, integrating emergency relief, rehabilitation and development in its programmes.

Its action is based on a professional and highly interactive operating mode, including several areas of expertise, within a comprehensive approach:

Rural development
and food security
Water, hygiene
and sanitation
and psychosocial
Civil engineering
and construction


By missions


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ACTIVITY REPORT 2015 - Triangle génération humanitaire

We are pleased to present our annual activity report. It describes the actions taken in 2015 and the perspectives in 2016 and was approved by our annual General Assembly on June 15th.


Communique Presse

Pourquoi la Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes doit-elle maintenir une politique ambitieuse de coopération et de solidarité internationale ?

Lettre ouverte à M. Laurent WAUQUIEZ - Président de Région