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ALGERIA (Sahrawi refugees)

Support to most vulnerable groups of
Saharawi refugees in the Tindouf area








FROM 01/2014 TO 12/2014




The beneficiary populations of this programme are refugees from Western Sahara who settled in four camps located in the Tindouf area and who rely heavily on humanitarian assistance to meet their basic needs. With recurring annual funding from UNHCR, TGH has been operating for many years in different sectors:

Management of a mechanical workshop for the repair and maintenance of logistical means:
In partnership with the Saharawi Ministry of Transport, a mechanical workshop has been established since 2002, providing maintenance and repair for a fleet of over a hundred vehicles (tanks, trucks for the transport of equipment, garbage trucks, ambulances and programme-vehicles for different NGOs) used for the implementation of various humanitarian programmes in the camps (distribution of non-food items and water, garbage collection, etc.). Meanwhile, since 2011, the mechanical workshop has also been ensuring the maintenance and repair of some fifty generators.
The entire population being dependent on food aid and water distribution, it is essential for the successful implementation of the various activities carried out by the actors operating in the region. Maintenance and repair interventions are carried out directly in the central mechanical workshop or in mobile workshops in the wilayas.
Annual funding from UNHCR allows the daily running of the workshop and the replacement of some dilapidated trucks.

Support to young people with disabilities
Since 2001, TGH has been directly operating in several special education centers (3 centers for children and young adults with mental disabilities and deaf mute children, 1 multi-purpose center handling all types of disabilities, and 4 schools for blind children created in 2013). TGH supports the Ministry of Social Assistance and Advancement of Women on different actions (center maintenance, equipment supply, staff training, etc.), to ensure easy access to appropriate care and improve the integration of disabled people into the Sahrawi society. For the most isolated disabled persons, an appropriate care outside specialized centers is provided through support to the social workers involved with the families.
TGH also works with people with cerebral palsy, and provides them with diapers (3 diapers per day). The project also organizes: the distribution of equipment for the implementation of different activities adapted to children and young adults in the centers (manual, cultural and educational activities); the distribution of specialized equipment (braille typewriters); as well as vocational training for young adults, in accordance with their abilities and with the center needs (leather workshop, cooking, etc.).

Special Education Center of Laayoune

Special Education Center of Laayoune
Photo : Eric MARTIN / TGH ©

Improving the functioning of health facilities
An action in partnership with the Ministry of Health was initiated in 2005 following a stock-out of drugs at the central pharmacy. Since then, TGH has been ensuring the purchase and delivery of supplies and radiology equipment, of stomatology devices and products, and of reagents and laboratory equipment, as well as the maintenance and repair of medical equipment. These actions still target various medical facilities today, including the national hospital of Rabouni and the health centers in different wilayas. Training sessions are organized for staff working in radiology, stomatology and in laboratories, to improve knowledge and techniques.
Each year, medical committees are organized, and they have a very positive impact on the population, as they provide specialized medical consultations, thus improving the quality of care for patients or of their referral.

Improving hygiene conditions in the camps
The actions implemented for many years to improve the health and lives of Saharawi refugee populations include three main activities: running a bleach workshop, running a soap workshop (both built with funding from the UNHCR), and distribution of hygiene kits to Saharawi women.
The bleach production unit mainly ensures the disinfection of the water distributed by the Water Department and by the Ministry of Water and Environment, and limits disease transmission in hospitals and schools. Bleach (concentration 12° and 32°) produced and packaged by TGH’s team is then distributed monthly in doses. The soap production unit ensures the monthly production of 8,000 250g soap bars, distributed in health centers and schools, thus ensuring a minimum hygiene for school children. The distribution of hygiene kits is intended for 38,000 women and girls living in the camps. Alongside these activities, awareness-raising campaigns on hygiene are regularly organized, favouring the use of hygiene products and the dissemination of good practices.

Production of bleach doses at the bleach workshop

Production of bleach doses at the bleach workshop
Photo : Charlotte BAUDOIN / TGH ©

Administrative and logistics management of the UNHCR bases of Weather Haven and Dakhla
Two UNHCR operational bases (in Rabouni and Dakhla, the wilayas located furthest away from Tindouf) are used by the various humanitarian actors. These bases allow NGOs to be permanently close to Saharawi populations and facilitate their actions and coordination among different actors, while allowing greater participation of beneficiaries. The base of Weather Haven hosts the offices of many international organizations and NGOs developing projects in refugee camps in the region.
The bases offer different services and provide access to facilities offering a better place for work and coordination, in optimal safety conditions. The TGH's team ensures the proper logistics and administrative management of the two bases, as well as all the services required by the workers (parking, reception, canteen, cafeteria, meeting rooms, maintenance and repair of office equipment, maintenance of the base, etc.).

UNHCR base of Weather Heaven

UNHCR base of Weather Heaven
Photo : Mohamed El Amin AMIA / TGH ©