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ALGERIA (Sahrawi refugees)

Rehabilitation and reconstruction of the
educational and health facilities


Education and protection

Education and protection



FROM 02/15/2016 TO 08/15/2016




From October 17th to 26th, 2015, torrential rains struck the Sahrawi refugee camps, causing widespread material damage to traditional tents (Jaimas), individual houses and institutional buildings in 5 wilayas (camps) in the Tindouf area. The most affected camp, Dakhla, is also located farthest away from Rabouni, the administrative center (140 km). The living conditions of the Sahrawi refugees became even more precarious, most of the families having lost their belongings, their homes and almost all the foodstuffs they had. The situation in terms of basic services is also critical, and many damaged buildings, including schools and clinics, had to close their doors. TGH urgently installed the tents provided by UNICEF in order to address the educational and health needs in 5 affected wilayas.

This program is the post-emergency response. It consists of the following actions:

  1. Reconstruction of 3 educational facilities in the wilaya of Dakhla (Ali Omar school and kindergartens in Tiniguir and Jreifia) before September 2016, so that children can go back to school at the beginning of the school year.

  2. Rehabilitation of 4 educational structures and 3 health facilities in the wilaya of Dakhla. Almost all the schools and kindergartens have been affected. The bad weather conditions have weakened or destroyed the foundations and walls, and damaged the roofs. The rehabilitation works will allow the return of children in educational facilities at the beginning of the school year. 3 health facilities (clinics in Gleibat Fula, Jreifia and Oum Drigua) and 4 educational structures in Dakhla, having undergone a medium level of damage, will be rehabilitated, following an assessment carried out in partnership with the relevant Sahrawi authorities (Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education).