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Emergency response and resilience-building for
IDPs and Host Communities through a multi-sectorial








FROM 10/01/2019 TO 12/31/2020




This project aims to respond to the needs arising from the recent clashes between the Myanmar Army (Tatmadaw) and the Arakan Army in the Township of Paletwa. These clashes have caused displacement, casualties, trauma, and widespread a general sense of insecurity in a region where resources and economic opportunities are low and the risk of natural disasters is high. The objective of this project is to provide assistance to IDPs and host communities in 9 villages in Paletwa Township.

This project is part of the complementary actions implemented by TGH and its local partner, Raiki Community Development Foundation, since January 2019. This project has been designed to meet the needs expressed by the beneficiaries of two projects currently being implemented in the Township of Paletwa. It therefore includes, among other things, a protection/education for children component and a health component, which until now had not been implemented in the intervention area. This project will make it possible to cover the basic needs of nearly 5,000 displaced people while easing the pressure on host communities, thanks to a multisectoral approach based on three major areas of intervention.

Food security and livelihoods

The project will provide both emergency food aid to food-insecure populations and agricultural tools and services to sustainably improve the livelihoods of displaced populations and host communities.

Water, hygiene, sanitation and health

The project will ensure access to water for drinking, cooking and personal hygiene through the installation of water pumping and treatment systems, rehabilitation and/or construction of sanitary facilities. The organisation of awareness-raising sessions on good hygiene practices, and the establishment of local management committees dedicated to the supervision of water points and water quality testing are also planned in the project.

Child protection and education

The project will seek to alleviate the suffering and reduce the risks that children face in conflict, through the creation of child friendly spaces to play, socialize and overcome trauma. It is also planned to train volunteers in child protection and social cohesion, disseminate targeted prevention messages, including mine risk education, and provide age- and gender-appropriate tools and equipment.

By improving the quality and quantity of data collection, this project will also help to promote coordination with the various clusters and to design new intervention programmes that will meet the needs of beneficiaries in the best possible way.

Espace adapte aux enfants canton de Paletwa

Child Friendly Space, Paletwa Township, February 2020