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Provide emergency WASH assistance for vulnerable
populations in the Bambari Sub-Prefecture


Water, hygiene and sanitation

Water, hygiene and sanitation


Fonds Humanitaire

Humanitarian Fund



FROM 06/01/2019 TO 01/31/2020




TGH’s programme focuses on emergency access to WASH services for displaced populations in Bambari, in the camps and in the districts where host families live, but also in the city's neighbourhoods, in order to provide conditions that respect human dignity. TGH provides an emergency response for access to water, in particular through water supply, the operation of boreholes equipped with submersible pumps located in IDP camps and the maintenance of chlorination points. TGH maintains a comprehensive WASH response through the construction and rehabilitation of health infrastructure and the implementation of hygiene awareness sessions.

This programme targets the people living in IDP camps in Bambari and vulnerable populations in Bambari neighbourhoods, who do not have sufficient access to WASH facilities. Its purpose is to provide a "direct response to the most acute needs from a sectoral and intersectoral point of view" according to the mapping of severity zones 3, 4 and 5 defined in the update of the "HNO light" (March 2019), i.e. strategic axis 1 of standard allocation 1. TGH will be active in the water sector in the IDP camps in Bambari to provide access to the minimum standard of 7.5 L/person/day and a hygiene and sanitation response aimed at achieving the minimum SPHERE standards to help the populations living in IDP camps or with host families.

Schools located in IDP camps will benefit from WASH activities, especially awareness-raising sessions on hygiene.

TGH's action is also in line with axis 3 of allocation strategy 1 "Complementarity with other available resources and financing, both humanitarian and development, by avoiding any interruption in programming and capitalising on the joint work done by CAR HF with ECHO, USAID/OFDA, BEKOU Fund, ECW, and other funding mechanisms.” Indeed, TGH benefits from ECHO funds with which it provides a WASH response in both the Bambari and Ngakobo IDP camps and on the Bakala axis. This programme will provide comprehensive WASH care for IDPs in Bambari and support for vulnerable returnees, targeted in accordance with the populations defined as the most vulnerable in the HNO Light.