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Emergency Assistance in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) for
displaced populations in the sub-prefecture of Birao, Vakaga


Water, hygiene and sanitation

Water, hygiene and sanitation


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FROM 12/01/2019 TO 05/31/2020




The security situation in the Vakaga prefecture deteriorated sharply following the murder of the Sultan's son of Birao on August 28th, 2019. Armed clashes between armed factions in the center of Birao began the day after and again in September. This violence led almost the entire population of the city and its surroundings to seek refuge in internally displaced persons (IDPs) sites. By September 2019, about 15,000 people were internally displaced of which about 60% were children. Many of the IDPs had to flee suddenly starting a new life under extremely precarious conditions aggravated by the continuing insecurity and the risk of renewed fighting. Moreover the difficulty in delivering humanitarian aid in the current context (the city is only accessible by plane) and the rainy season further aggravate the situation.

The assessments carried out on the field by the TGH teams confirmed significant needs. Due to the bad weather, most of the 40 latrines installed by ACTED’s Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) program collapsed. Only a dozen functional latrines were available at the end of October 2019. Supported by UNICEF from the end of September, TGH is developing and complementing the initial Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) response carried out by the RRM in order to improve the conditions of access to safe drinking water and sanitation infrastructures at sites level. Deteriorated health conditions at IDPs sites raise concerns about the development of waterborne diseases. As a result, no drinking water point is available within 200 meters of the place where the populations have settled.

Faced with the urgency of the situation, TGH offers various activities. In order to anticipate the return of displaced people to their cities, a phenomenon already seen before, the organization is in charge of the rehabilitation of 3 boreholes in the neighborhoods where the IDPs live. The surface installations and the installation of a human powered water pump (HPWP) will allow the populations to have access to quality water. The action implemented water trucking, an emergency measure to ensure access to drinking water in sufficient quantities and quality for the IDPs. Water is drawn from a borehole and transported by truck to two distribution sites. At these sites, the water is disinfected by chlorination, and monitoring is carried out.

Hand washing device (tippy tap)

Hand washing device (tippy tap), MINUSCA site, Birao, April 2020, © TGH team of Birao

An activity planned within the framework of this project is the implementation of a borehole equipped with HPWP and the continuation of the operation of the 2 pumping stations carried out beforehand with UNICEF support, in  Aerodrome and MINUSCA IDPs sites (depending on needs), to complete the borehole previously implemented by MINUSCA on the site of the same name. In addition, a quantitative and qualitative monitoring of the sources used by the population is carried out on a regular basis by the TGH teams, in order to ensure the good health conditions of the population. In addition, access to sanitation is being improved through the maintenance and rehabilitation of existing sanitary areas and the construction of new ones at IDPs sites. These sanitary areas include showers and latrines and their maintenance is guaranteed for the duration of the program.

Finally, hygiene practices are also reinforced through hygiene promotion and the distribution of hygiene kits. Hygiene conditions at IDP sites are being improved by the construction of a washing area to ensure a clean space for washing clothes and dishes,.

Following the development of the COVID-19 epidemic, the project has incorporated modalities for the promotion of social distancing. Handwashing facilities have been set up at the various IDP sites, as well as awareness-raising sessions.

Hand washing device, Hospital 2

Hand washing device, Hospital 2 site, Birao, April 2020 © Birao TGH team