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Improving access to basic emergency Water, Sanitation and Hygiene services
for displaced populations in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Water, hygiene and sanitation

Water, hygiene and sanitation




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FROM 07/01/2021 to 02/28/2022



120 000

This project is a continuation of TGH's presence in Vakaga, where the organisation has been working in the various IDPs sites since 2019. Since June 2021, the Yata site has experienced a high concentration of displaced persons due to the relocation process of the various IDPs sites, which has been underway since mid-2020. This leads to an increase in needs and puts pressure on spaces that already normally require regular maintenance and upkeep.

In order to maintain its support for access to water for the IDPs, TGH maintains its presence in the area and is developing a project to increase the production capacity of the water pump, already installed, in order to cover the drinking water needs of the precedent and newly relocated individuals.

In an effort to empower and sustain the action, TGH is forming a Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH) committee, responsible for distributing water, raising awareness about cleaning jerry cans, hand washing and respecting barrier practices.

The rehabilitation and reinforcement of existing emergency latrines allows for the creation of semi-sustainable infrastructures that are more resilient in the face of bad weather and external pressures (climate / pests etc.). These works are carried out with respect for the privacy of individuals, providing one space for men and another for women as well as inside locks. A team of hygienists is recruited on a temporary basis, in order to raise community awareness of latrine maintenance, with the eventual aim of organising community management of the latrines.

The training of people in emptying pits, permitting the maintenance of latrines, is planned and allows for the empowerment of their use by the population.

The construction of rubbish pits is implemented and allows for a more efficient management of household waste.

TGH takes the COVID-19 pandemic into account in its projects and implements awareness-raising actions on good hygiene practices, the respect of barrier gestures and hand washing.

Implementation of a water point in the framework of the concomitant project ©TGH

Implementation of a water point in the framework of the concomitant project "Multisectoral project for local development in the North-East of the Central African Republic, Iboungbi", Vakaga, CAR, October 2021 © Christian Nzengue