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Holistic care for vulnerable minors in Bangui affected by the crisis in the Central African Republic


Education and protection

Education and protection


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FROM 06/01/2023 to 05/31/2024




The aim of this project is to contribute to reducing the protection risks faced by vulnerable minors in Bangui, with particular attention to the specific needs of street girls, by strengthening the care system.

TGH proposes an integrated approach based on a methodology that includes the prevention of street involvement (at the family, child and community levels).

To prevent exposure to the risks associated with street life (sexual abuse, drug addiction, illness, etc.), TGH proposes strengthening community and civil society prevention mechanisms. To this end, the Street Committees (RC) set up by TGH are a key element in preventing people from turning to the streets. At the same time, TGH organises mediation with families and shelters for children to prevent them from turning to the streets in the most difficult cases. The street committees (Comités de Rue - CR) are essential in this respect.

Outreach campaigns are also organised to identify separated or unaccompanied minors. The most urgent needs of street children and detained minors, including victims of sexual violence, are met immediately. At the same time, TGH organises social and psychosocial support for street and detained children, as well as raising awareness of risk behaviour. To help the most difficult cases, accommodation solutions are put in place: accommodation with temporary host families, hostels or independent accommodation, etc.

Social and professional reintegration to prevent a return to the streets is at the heart of the project. To this end, TGH facilitates access to administrative services by issuing birth certificates to children who do not have them. In addition, family reunification of released minors and street children is carried out by field teams to facilitate the reintegration process for the latter. Finally, young people are supported in their socio-professional reintegration (literacy, education and vocational training) so that they can become the architects of their future success.

TGH continues to support civil society by implementing its activities in partnership with a local civil society organisation: the Voix du Cœur Foundation, a partner since 2011.

Marauding in Bangui, CAR ©TGH

Marauding in Bangui, CAR ©TGH