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In late October 1998, Hurricane Mitch hit Honduras, destroying everything in its path. The cyclone caused the death of more than 7, 000 people and 12, 000 more disappeared. 95, 000 houses had been destroyed and two million people were still affected and displaced, homeless. Triangle Génération Humanitaire decided to intervene in that emergency context (hurricane victims were shocked and totally destitute, homeless and without food).

The project started in January 1999, and by September, the association had rehabilitated 189 homes,in collaboration with the local association Compartir. The beneficiary families, under the supervision of technicians from the building industry, were actively involved in the activities. Special attention was paid to the foundations and to the retaining walls, in order to prevent further damage during weather disturbances.

After that, TGH solicited funds from the European Commission to work on an agricultural development program, but that project was not selected, and the association left the South American continent.