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IRAQ 2003 ... 2007

In September 2003, a Triangle Génération Humanitaire team went to Baghdad to evaluate the local needs and the humanitarian situation. Staying true to the association’s principles, we chose proximity with the population and, once established in Baghdad, our team encountered local actors and organisations to prepare its first programme.

Thanks to the support of the French Foreign Affairs Office and its Delegation to Humanitarian Action (DAH), TGH began by distributing « winter kits » (mattresses, blankets and heating equipment) to 1.103 families previously identified as extremely vulnerable in the area of Hurriyah, Baghdad. This wintertime project was implemented on request of the Iraqi youth league, a community organisation dedicated to helping disadvantaged people.

A second project financed by the Humanitarian Aid Department of the European Commission (ECHO) consisted in rehabilitating the drainage evacuation system in the Hurriyah area of Baghdad. 400,000 inhabitants directly benefited from the program.


February 2007 / August 2007

Support to displaced persons inside the country

This project responds to the needs (in food and blankets) of 1,415 displaced families in Tarmiya, 25 kilometers north of Baghdad.


Marsh 2004 / December 2004

Cleaning the Mains Drainage Waters System in Hurriyah - Baghdad

The presence of our team in the district of Hurriyah allowed us to perfect our assessment of the population’s priority needs. This led us to create a cleaning project of the entire drainage system.


December 2003 / February 2004

Distribution of Winter Kits

In the aim of helping the most destitute families, TGH organised an emergency distribution project to help them face the winter and the rainy season. We supplied kits containing blankets, mattresses and heating systems to 1.103 families, e.g. 6.978 people.