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The professional integration and
psychosocial care for children and adolescents


Education et protection

Education and protection


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Du 01/01/2018 au 11/30/2018




The community centre's first objective is to offer comprehensive support to the adolescent population (13-18 years) in these neighbourhoods, primarily through the provision of non-formal education activities that enable out-of-school youth to fill their educational gaps by following basic but necessary teaching (languages, mathematics, etc.).

Various social, cultural and recreational activities will also be offered, mainly in a cyber-café and in a library, or other places suggested by the young people themselves. The latter will thus regain access to many activities that had been prohibited under Daesh's occupation of the city (music, reading, cinema, access to information, etc.). The centre could also serve as a meeting place outside school hours, and as an alternative to inactivity and to the significant risks of radicalisation and recruitment into local militias. It will therefore be a place of socialization, exchange and development for young people, accessible also to the population as a whole, who will be able to access various services provided by other partner organisations. The centre will ensure support for all communities, and restore social cohesion and the inter-community links that have been strongly impacted by the conflict.

Young adolescents who have not been able to attend and complete regular schooling often find themselves without professional opportunities, in a context where demographic pressure has already greatly reduced these opportunities. Part of the centre's services will be entirely dedicated to job-search assistance (consulting activities, networking with potential employers, preparation for interviews, etc.), as well as to direct access to apprenticeship and employment, in several ways:

Mobile protection units will also be set up under this programme, operating in mixed pairs, with the aim of reaching young people who are isolated and/or living far away from the centre, in order to inform them of the proposed activities and provide them with appropriate psychosocial support. TGH will also develop activities based on a community approach to foster ownership of initiatives and perpetuate the impact of the protection actions implemented: key persons (moktars and other local authorities/influential persons) will be sensitised to the concept of child protection in order to be its promoters within the community, and a child protection committee composed of members from the local community will be set up to provide intermediaries able to identify children at risk, alert social workers and convey awareness-raising messages.