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Improving food security for
vulnerable populations


Food security and livelihoods

Food security and livelihoods


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FROM 10/01/2018 TO 09/30/2019




Evaluations conducted in institutions for children and the elderly, as well as in the cooperative farms in charge of their supply, revealed significant needs to improve the availability, access and use of food. This action acts transversally on the levers of food security.

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Two categories of vulnerable people are concerned: the elderly, who in 2014 accounted for 14% of the country's population, and children under 5, who are particularly vulnerable to the effects of malnutrition.

Today, the level of production of market gardening crops on cooperative farms is too low to provide children's institutions with sufficient quantities of food for a diversified diet. First of all, this programme will help increase the amount of food available to institutions, focusing on both production and post-production practices.
Various factors can explain the low yields of market gardening crops, including the lack of equipment for ploughing, harvesting and transportation, but also a lack of organic and mineral matter needed for improved soil fertility. The lack of adequate means of transport leads to many losses, as vegetables are sometimes left in the fields, or in a state of preservation making them unfit for consumption when they arrive in institutions.
This programme will provide farms with the necessary equipment to overcome these deficiencies (transport trailers and tillage equipment).

TGH's work is also complemented by the implementation of three multiservice care centres for the elderly (in Sariwon, Haeju and Pyongyang) set up during a previous programme in collaboration with our local partner, the Korean Federation for the Care of the Aged (KFCA).

In Sariwon and Haeju, plots and farm staff will provide residents with more balanced meals, greenhouses and equipment. Training on the specificity of greenhouse cultivation will help farm staff optimise production.
Hygiene and conservation equipment for products from income-generating activities will be distributed in Pyongyang.

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