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Improvement and diversification of the meals served to children
in social institutions in Daeane and Sariwon


Food security and livelihood

Food security and livelihood




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FROM 08/2012 TO 10/2013




Children aged 0 to 6 years, equivalent to 10% of the population, are most affected by these deficiencies, and suffer from chronic malnutrition, which affects their physical and mental growth.

This project is a continuation of projects that have been undertaken for 3 years, and is in synergy with the longer-term projects led by TGH and funded by the European Union. After providing direct food aid to children in institutions, and waiting for concrete results in terms of increased farm production, it seems appropriate to start working right now on the qualitative aspect of products consumed. This will be possible with the improvement of products logistic supply chain, to ensure their provision and availability at institution level under conditions guaranteeing the nutritional quality of products, as well as with the diversification of products consumed by children.

Since late 2010, TGH has thus been running a project aiming to support the dairy production farms of Sariwon (North Hwanghae Province) and Deane (Nampo Administrative Region), to improve the production of these farms, in order to increase dairy products supply to the children depending on the institutions supplied by these farms.
This project starts to produce its first results, especially with the improvement of milk production at farm level. This is the first essential step to improve its availability in institutions.
Studies conducted in 2011 by TGH’s nutritionist at institution level also showed a lack of diversification in the diet of children in institutions, who only eat a certain type of food.

The main objective of this project is to improve the quality of dairy products for the children followed in the 191 social institutions depending on the milk production and on the food processing People's Committees of Daeane and Sariwon.

We work on the following points: