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Improving access to WASH services to reduce mortality
and build community resilience.


Water, hygiene and sanitation

Water, hygiene and sanitation


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FROM 11/01/2019 TO 10/31/2020




According to the Humanitarian Need Overview (HNO - OCHA), the number of people in need in the WASH (water, hygiene and sanitation) sector in Syria increased from 13.1 million to 15.5 million between 2018 and 2019. Needs in terms of access to basic WASH services are still acute and persist throughout Syria. This project targets the isolated rural areas of Dara'a and Eastern Ghouta. These areas have been severely affected by the conflict and their water infrastructure has been heavily damaged. Due to limited access, however, they have benefited little from humanitarian aid.

KAP Survey in Saqba

KAP Survey in Saqba, 03/04/2020, Photo by Modar Al Hosny, WASH Officer, TGH

The aim of this project is to restore a minimum access to drinking water both through emergency intervention - water trucking - and through support for sustainable solutions - rehabilitation and/or modernisation of wells and/or pumping stations. Furthermore, the damage caused to the sewerage system creates significant risks of water contamination, particularly in Dara'a. The project therefore involves repairing a locally-owned high-pressure truck that will allow the pipes to be unclogged.

Water tank maintenance, Eastern Ghouta

Water tank maintenance, Eastern Ghouta, 02/24/2020, Photo by Modar Alhosny, WASH Officer, TGH

Moreover, the same assessment conducted by TGH in different localities of Eastern Goutha throughout 2019 showed that only 47.2% of the population surveyed had adequate hygiene practices. TGH is therefore implementing hygiene awareness campaigns on key issues such as water transport and storage or waterborne diseases. In an in-built logic, these campaigns are aimed only at localities targeted by the rehabilitation of water points.

These actions are carried out in partnership with the Syrian Red Crescent and the Syrian Ministry of Water Resources.

Saqba borehole rehabilitation, Rural Damascus

Saqba borehole rehabilitation, Rural Damascus, 01/30/2020, Photo by Modar Alhosny, WASH Officer, TGH