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Reducing the impact of Syrian protracted crisis by improving access to
basic services to vulnerable people in Eastern Ghouta, Hama, Dar’a and Idleb


Water, hygiene and sanitation

Water, hygiene and sanitation





FROM 08/01/2021 TO 07/31/2022




This project aims to address the needs of conflict-affected people in Syria in a context exacerbated by economic decline and COVID-19 pandemic. The intervention will consolidate the results achieved by TGH in Eastern Ghouta, Hama, Dara’a and Idleb and extend the response to additional localities, identified as highly in need based on their level of destruction, disruption of basic services, and population displacement, with a particular emphasis on areas newly accessible (south Idleb, north Hama) or facing a deteriorating security situation (Dara’a).

The WASH action combines short-term emergency response and more durable and cost-effective systems. The emergency response is implemented thanks to the provision of clean water with water trucking, including in schools, pending the completion of the works planned towards more sustainable solutions. The rehabilitation of 4 water systems aims at expanding the access to life-saving water supply services in a sustainable manner, in places that have been damaged by the conflict. Some boreholes are equipped with solar panels to compensate for the fuel shortages in the country. TGH is also coordinating with water authorities, stakeholders and donors to equip and rehabilitate pumping stations and sewage network in order to ensure the quality of the water that will be pumped (recuperated?).

Concerning the education component of this project, TGH is ensuring a safe and effective access to formal school for the most vulnerable children by ensuring  light rehabilitation of 2 schools. In the 11 other supported schools, TGH ensures the small maintenance and repairs of the latrine blocks already existing, in a preventive approach to COVID-19 and to ensure that  children in the schools have continuous access to the facilities. TGH is also organising Hygiene Promotion sessions at schools and provision of hygiene items, delivered by SARC volunteers under the supervision of TGH staff. Recreational and educational materials, small equipment and school kits are also distributed in the schools.  TGH is providing capacity building to the teachers carrying out Non-Formal Education sessions. In addition to these Education activities, protection in education is also part of this project through the implementation of Back-to-learning campaigns in each targeted location. Non-Formal Education directed to out-of-school children and children at risk of dropping out is dispensed, as well as Psycho-Social Support sessions. Case management and referrals of identified cases to specialized services or other relevant assistance providers are implemented.

Finally, TGH commits to identifying suitable and reliable suppliers of various basic services and goods in its project areas to be ready to intervene before emergencies occur. TGH is also providing emergency WASH services, including response to the increase of COVID-19 number of cases.

Entrée de l’école du village de Latmin, gouvernorat de Hama, Syrie, décembre 2021 © TGH

School entrance in Latmin village, Hama governorate, Syria, December 2021 © TGH