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Emergency response to the basic needs of people affected
by the earthquake in Syria


Education et protection

Education et protection


Fondation de France



FROM 05/15/2023 to 12/15/2023




Launched as an emergency in a context that has already been severely affected by 12 years of conflict, the project will enable the affected population to cope with the traumatic emergency situation while building their resilience to future shocks.

The intervention will take place in the city of Aleppo, in the Jebel Saman district, specifically in the following schools:

In addition, the earthquake has weakened the education system, which was already undermined by the crisis, and children are falling further behind in their learning, particularly those preparing for the brevet and baccalauréat exams scheduled for the end of May and June 2023. 2,947 schools have been damaged in northern Syria, including 359 in and around the city of Aleppo.

Parents, still traumatised, are afraid to send their children back to school because they do not believe in the vigilance of teachers, who will have to protect children in the event of another disaster because they are not trained in these protocols. Children who lost everything in the earthquake also need educational materials to return to school.

The earthquake exacerbated the protection risks that children face first and foremost: health risks (lack of medical care, lack of hygiene, lack of food, etc.), family risks (break-up of the family unit, parental neglect, abandonment, etc.), economic risks (children working to support the family) and social risks (dropping out of school, physical and psychological violence, early marriages, etc.). Children already traumatised by the war are confronted with the consequences of the natural disaster, and the majority of them present profound post-traumatic symptoms such as fear, anxiety, lack of concentration and depression, which directly affect their short and long-term well-being. Parents and teachers, who are also traumatised, also need psychosocial support.

The project has the following objectives