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Improving the food security and livelihoods
of populations made vulnerable


Food security and livelihoods

Food security and livelihoods



Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Crisis Center)



From 03/2016 to 12/2016




The different assessments carried out by TGH highlighted the difficulties faced by the targeted people to meet their multiple needs, especially food needs. Based on these assessments, documented by the measurement of key standard indicators of food and economic security, TGH implemented its first action in Ukraine, with the aim of improving the living conditions of the people of the Donetsk Oblast who live in rural areas located near the front line.

This action will provide food assistance to the most vulnerable residents of rural areas located near the front line, especially those who do not receive any support, although they are eligible under the criteria defined by the actors in the sector.

In kind food aid has been the most commonly used modality since the beginning of the humanitarian response in the target area, but it does have its limitations. It is expensive, as it requires significant logistical organization in terms of volumes involved, and it does not allow the recipient to choose the goods consumed. Besides, it does not stimulate the local economy as no cash is injected. The selected option is thus to set up cash transfers, a flexible modality offering a wider range of choices to the beneficiaries, as it allows them to have access to various consumer goods or services.

The market survey conducted in January 2016 confirms that the provision of food stamps is a possible and relevant option that will help achieve the objective of improving the food situation of the most vulnerable populations, while boosting local economy. The food expenses covered by these stamps will leave the beneficiaries with more spare cash, and the latter will be able to use the part of their income usually spent on food to purchase other items, thus addressing other needs expressed, which will also be covered by cash coupons, exchangeable against cash by identified operators.

Bénéficiaires échangeant leurs coupons

Garden plots at the foot of damaged buildings

Vegetable kits will be provided in addition to the cash transfers. Supporting market gardening, a common practice, is indeed very relevant because - besides the obvious impact on food availability - it will help complement household incomes.

The action will be conducted in close partnership with the Ukrainian organization Країна вільних людей "Country of Free People", which is very active in assisting people affected by the ongoing conflict, and with which TGH conducted its latest need assessments.