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Through the supply of hygiene products
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Water, hygiene and sanitation

Water, hygiene and sanitation




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The population living along the front line, stuck in the buffer zone between the areas controlled by the government and by the rebels, is particularly vulnerable and impoverished by the deteriorating economic situation in Ukraine. The various assessments conducted by TGH identified multiple needs that affected households are not able to meet.

Présentation du logiciel au commerçant à Kamyshekha

Introduction of the software to a shop keeper in Kamyshekha

The latest assessment, conducted in June 2016, shows that most of the humanitarian activities carried out in the region are related to food aid (69.9%), leaving few resources for the other basic needs to cover, such as health or hygiene. Yet, in a previous survey, hygiene products were nominated by 70% of the households as one of the top 3 priority needs.

Therefore, TGH chose to carry out a new project in the region, supplementing the current action aiming to improve the food security and livelihoods of populations made vulnerable. It will consist in the provision of hygiene products according to the same model as for food aid, that is to say through vouchers giving access to various items in partner grocery stores.

This method provides families with emergency assistance while supporting the local economy, as it results in the injection of cash in local shops in the area. It also helps restore the autonomy of the beneficiaries, letting them choose the products they need, although the value of the vouchers are developed based on the content of UNICEF’s hygiene kits.

TGH works locally in partnership with the Ukrainian Association Країна вільних людей, "Country of Free People", deeply involved in the region.

Bénéficiaires échangeant leurs coupons

Beneficiaries exchanging vouchers