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Building resilience of vulnerable individuals through
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From 11/01/2019 - 03/31/2020



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The protracted conflict in Ukraine has significantly affected the elderly, where 30% of the people in need of humanitarian assistance are above 60 (Ukraine HRP 2019-2020). Often neglected or separated from their families, the elderly are highly prone to economic insecurity and face major hardships when accessing essential services due to high rates of disability. Their low income makes them vulnerable to the price inflations on essential products such as basic food items, the prices of which tend to rise in winter.

This project is based on the experience of previous TGH projects implemented since 2017 in this area and seeks to provide multi-sectoral assistance to vulnerable people including the elderly and persons with disabilities in seven isolated settlements along the contact line not covered by the government social protection scheme. These settlements are located in Bakhmutskyi, Volnovaskyi districts in Donetsk oblast as well as in Novoaidarskyi and Stanichno-Luhanskyi districts in Luhansk oblast.

Hontar Antonyna Pavlovna, 81 ans

Home-based care is vital for lonely elderly, especially during cold winter months. Hontar Antonyna Pavlovna, 81. Druzhba, Toretskyi rayon, Donetsk oblast, Ukraine. February 2019. ©. Filippov

Within the project, the capacity of 73 vulnerable community members has been reinforced to provide basic home-based care to 400 elderly and people with disabilities. Selection of volunteers is made based on the following criteria: residence in the selected settlements, trust within communities, individuals with low income or unemployed, individuals who are able to provide home-based care during 3 winter months.  

The typical home-based care activities include work about the house, shopping, paying for bills, preparation for winter, etc. The project creates synergies between its various components, in which protection home-based-care activities are carried out by other vulnerable people who have undergone capacity building trainings at the start of the project. It enables the community to help their communities through Cash for Work activities while creating employment opportunities and contributing to the strengthening of social cohesion within these communities.  

beneficiaires en situation de handicap

A community volunteer engaged by TGH under the Cash for Work modality provides home-based care to beneficiaries with disabilities. Shchastia, Novoaidarskyi rayon, Luhansk oblast, Ukraine. 2019 ©TGH

Cash for Work activities help to strengthen the dignity and autonomy of conflict-affected populations. In order to strengthen the resilience of project beneficiaries and ensure an acceptable level of food security, electronic vouchers for food are provided to 1112 people during the three winter months and the first month of spring. The e-vouchers are distributed in cooperation with TGH's partner shops, which ensures home deliveries to physically impaired beneficiaries and to those in hard-to-reach areas.

Finally, the e-voucher modality implemented on the basis of mobile phones and web-money allows reaching the most remote locations along the line of contact, often not covered by humanitarian aid programmes. The e-vouchers also allow beneficiaries to have a certain degree of autonomy in choosing the items according to their food needs, which makes it possible to respond to individual household needs, monitor expenditures in real-time and make timely decisions.