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Emergency response to the basic needs of populations
affected by the armed conflict in Ukraine





Fondation de France



From 03/18/2022 to 07/17/2022




Following the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine, TGH mobilised its teams on the ground and at headquarters to maintain its existing activities and develop an emergency response to meet the most immediate needs of the affected populations. To this end, TGH started an assistance programme on March 18th, thanks to the support of the Fondation de France, to cover the basic needs and respond to the psychological distress of the affected households and individuals. As part of this project, TGH also intends to conduct a needs assessment in Poland, the first host country for Ukrainian refugees.

The activities of this project consist mainly of unconditional cash transfers to give the affected populations the means to meet their immediate needs according to what they consider to be their priority on the one hand, and to provide psychosocial support to the most vulnerable people on the other hand. In order to carry out these activities, TGH works in close collaboration with local associations.

activités récréatives avec les enfants déplacés à Lviv

Photo taken on 04 April 2022 during recreational activities with displaced children in Lviv

intervention localities, namely unconditional cash transfers which consist of a lump sum payment to the beneficiaries via the banking system or the postal service. The second modality consists in electronic vouchers sent by telephone to beneficiaries. This methodology was developed by THG in Ukraine in 2016 and is based on an innovative system of using an online platform. The vouchers are sent by SMS to the beneficiaries and are redeemable at the partner grocery shops. Beneficiaries can choose any product among grocery products, except tobacco and alcohol. The voucher can be used several times during the validity period.

Psychosocial support activities take the form of individual and group sessions. They offer beneficiaries the opportunity to express their emotions in a safe and confidential space and help them through this period of crisis. These activities are conducted by Ukrainian psychologists working with TGH and its local partners. TGH pays special attention to children for whom the psychosocial consequences can be severe.

séance collective de soutien psychosocial avec des enfants déplacés à Lviv

Photo taken on 11 April 2022 during a group psychosocial support session with displaced children in Lviv