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Emergency response to the priority needs of populations affected
by the armed conflict in Ukraine





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From 04/01/22 to 01/31/2023



2 152 000

Within the framework of this project, TGH aims to respond to the immediate needs of the Ukrainian population affected by the conflict. This project is based on three axes: facilitating access to basic needs via unconditional cash transfers, psychosocial support and legal aid.

This assistance takes the form of unconditional cash transfer, also known as "multipurpose cash" and e-voucher. This modality makes it possible to respond rapidly to the needs of the population, regardless of their displacement, or access difficulties. This procedure seems to be the most appropriate to respond to the needs of Ukrainians during the conflict according to TGH's evaluations, but also according to OCHA and the different clusters.

On the other hand, this assistance takes the form of psychosocial and psychological support for the most vulnerable people, particularly women and children, and legal support. These activities help the populations affected by the conflict, and in particular the displaced persons, to overcome the effects of post-traumatic shock and to ensure that the most fragile maintain a mental balance. To this end, TGH organises recreational activities for displaced children in the reception centres, as well as discussion groups by age group and gender. Legal support is offered to all people who are displaced or who want to leave their place of residence but do not have all the necessary information. Individual follow-up of the beneficiaries of the action is provided when deemed necessary, from the place of temporary accommodation to the place of resettlement, but also from Ukraine to the host country in the case of refugees, through a remote psychological support (by telephone).
At the same time, TGH bases a part of its intervention on supporting local organisations already active and in contact with beneficiaries in Ukraine. The responses are focused on the identified needs while taking into account the mandate and competences of the associations. In the framework of this project, TGH supports 5 local organisations. The partners are supervised by the TGH team and technically supported by the team of specialists deployed, particularly in terms of psychosocial support and cash transfers.

This approach is complemented by the duplication of some of these activities in Poland, the first host country for Ukrainian refugees, with refugee populations through the use of e-voucher, psychosocial support and strengthening social cohesion between host communities and displaced populations.