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"Head of support services – Erbil (Iraq)"


Position: Head of support services

Country: Iraq / Kurdistan region of Iraq

Duration: 7 months – possibly renewable depending on funding

Starting date: December 2022 (minimum 1 month is necessary to complete the visa procedures)

Location: Position currently based in Erbil with field visits to Mosul office and sub-offices through Iraqi Kurdistan and Federal Iraq as security conditions allow

Place in the org. Chart: Under the direct responsibility of the Country Director

Conditions: Salaried contract, gross monthly salary from €2’300 to €2’800 depending on experience, monthly per diem USD 650, medical coverage of 100% + repatriation insurance + provident fund, accommodation, international and local transportation as part of the mission, break every 3 months. Non-family duty station

More information on www.trianglegh.org, under "JOBS".

Presentation of TGH

"Actor in a sustainable and shared solidarity"

Founded in 1994, TGH is a French international solidarity organization based in Lyon, France. The association designs and implements emergency, rehabilitation and development programs in the following sectors: water, hygiene and sanitation, civil engineering, food security and rural development, socio-educational and psychosocial. TGH is currently operating in 10 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.


The defeat of ISIS’s strongholds left ground for reconstruction and IDPs’ slow and unplanned return to their home villages and cities. However, in places such as West Mosul and other large areas that underwent severe destruction and where services are lacking, returns and reconstruction face structural limits (lack of livelihoods and public services, destroyed or damaged housing, lack of social cohesion).

The ethno-religious factors at the origin of recurrent conflicts for years play a key role in the political system.Strong tensions between military and political actors exacerbated and attacks targeting US missions in Iraq are frequent. Since November 2021, Iraq has been trying in vain to have a government (president and prime minister). This situation is a source of instability and above all encourages unregulated initiatives (abuse of power, corruption, administrative laziness, etc.) which exasperate social tensions.

As per OCHA, there are “approximately 1.2 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) and 4.1 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. Insecurity, lack of livelihoods, and destroyed or damaged housing hamper people's ability to return home”. In this post-conflict transitional period, humanitarian agencies are moving away from an emergency mode of response towards longer-term recovery strategies and durable solutions. TGH, like other humanitarian actors, will have to transition to a new mode of operating in order to stay relevant while continuing to support the needs of the most vulnerable.

Presentation of TGH mission

TGH used to be active in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region and in Baghdad between 1995 and 2006. In 2013, TGH came back to Iraq to respond to the needs of new Syrian refugees.
Currently, TGH provides a comprehensive set of child protection activities: social accompaniment, psychosocial support for vulnerable children and their families, parenting sessions, etc. At the same time, TGH is committed to building the capacity of local actors involved in child protection (training/coaching of social workers, training of trainers, etc.), in line with the strategy of localization of aid and sustainability of action

In addition, TGH implements programs to strengthen the Food Security and Livelihoods of populations affected by the destruction of fields and production factors in agricultural areas, as well as by the measures taken in response to the Covid-19 crisis. TGH contributes to the rehabilitation of infrastructure necessary for local agricultural activities, access to production factors and inputs, and the improvement of the health and growth of livestock. These actions are part of a dynamic of reconstruction and revival of agricultural economic activity, in order to support the return of the population, their autonomy and the stabilization of the impacted areas.

TGH’s coordination office is in office in Erbil and sub-offices in Mosul and Tikrit. 

Ongoing interventions

A note about TGH project management: Immigration requires a vaccination card and or COVID test if not vaccinated.
Humanitarian aid is gradually giving way to development aid. The changes initiated in 2021 will be effective from January 2023 (disengagement of the UN from the clusters) which will involve adapting the mission's operating methods and in particular rigorous communication with local partners (administration, ministries, local representatives, etc.) and communities.

Job description

The Head of support services will be under the responsibility of the Country Director. He/she will be directly managing the HR manager, Logistic manager and Finance manager. The Head of support services will as well manage functionally the admin/HR/finance officer (Mosul) and the logistic officer and assistant (Mosul).

The main responsibilities include:








This list of responsibilities could be modified according to the needs.

Security, working and living conditions

Despite the unstable political context in Iraq and KRI, the KRI region is generally safe and current TGH areas of operation in Federal Iraq are considered safe.

Erbil city is safe, and there are no restrictions of movement within the city. Much entertainment is available such as restaurants, sport centres, parks, supermarkets, cinema etc. Trips to the countryside are possible at weekends with prior validation by Country Director. Security rules may be revised according to the evolution of the context.

Working and living conditions in Erbil are good. Communication means are satisfying (efficient internet, international phones). The office is separated from the guesthouses. Individual rooms are available for each expatriate.



Please send your resume and cover letter on our website’s HR page www.trianglegh.org to attention of Amandine RUINART, Human Resources Officer.