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"Support for national Program Coordinator – Iraq"


Position: Support for national Program Coordinator

Country: Iraq

Location: Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq with regular travels to Ninewa and Salah-ed-din in Federal Iraq (and Baghdad on an occasional basis)

Duration: 3 months, from April/May 2022 – depending on secured funding

Conditions: Salaried contract, gross monthly salary of €2300 to €2800, monthly per diem 650 USD, medical coverage of 100% + repatriation insurance + provident fund, accommodation, international and local transportation as part of the mission, break every 3 months. No family duty station.

More information on www.trianglegh.org, under "JOBS".

Presentation of TGH

"Actor in a sustainable and shared solidarity"

Founded in 1994, TGH is a French international solidarity organization based in Lyon. The association designs and implements emergency, rehabilitation and development programs in the following sectors: water, hygiene and sanitation, civil engineering, food security and rural development, education and psychosocial. TGH is currently operating in 10 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.


There are 2.5 million people in need and 961 thousand people in acute need in Iraq (HNO 2022), including IDPs and returnees.
The defeat of ISIS’s last remaining strongholds left ground for reconstruction and IDPs’ slow and unplanned return to their home villages and cities. However, in places such as West Mosul and other large areas that underwent severe destruction and where services are lacking, returns face structural limits (lack of livelihoods and public services, destroyed or damaged housing, lack of social cohesion).
Iraq’s social and political landscape has changed drastically after the unprecedented demonstrations in October 2019 that led to the formation of a new government, the Covid-19 induced health and economic crises, and the escalation of power both at a regional and international level. Strong tensions between military and political actors exacerbated and attacks targeting US missions in Iraq become more and more frequent. In February 2022, Iraq’s parliament indefinitely postponed the presidential election after most major political blocs boycotted the vote.

Sectarian tensions remain high, while military groups contribute to the political shaping of the areas retaken from ISIS. Despite its defeat, ISIS reappear across the country and sleeping cells conduct frequent attacks and ambushes.

Presentation of TGH mission

TGH used to be active in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region and in Baghdad between 1995 and 2006. In 2013, TGH came back to Iraq to respond to the needs of new Syrian refugees.

TGH’s strategy in Iraq includes investing in local/national resources, including human resources. While this position is open to expatriates, its aim is to support the newly recruited national Program Coordinator as well as several national Project Managers.

Currently, TGH provides a comprehensive set of child protection activities: social accompaniment, psychosocial support for vulnerable children and their families, parenting sessions, etc. At the same time, TGH is committed to building the capacity of local actors involved in child protection (training/coaching of social workers, training of trainers, etc.), in line with the strategy of localization of aid and sustainability of action. Finally, TGH provides skills training to youth to strengthen their livelihoods, resilience and employability. This includes access to digital and entrepreneurial skills development sessions, work-based learning opportunities, and scholarships to launch their businesses.

In addition, TGH implements programs to strengthen the Food Security and Livelihoods of populations affected by the destruction of fields and production factors in agricultural areas, as well as by the measures taken in response to the Covid-19 crisis. TGH contributes to the rehabilitation of infrastructure necessary for local agricultural activities, access to production factors and inputs, and the improvement of the health and growth of livestock. These actions are part of a dynamic of reconstruction and revival of agricultural economic activity, in order to support the return of the population, their autonomy and the stabilization of the impacted areas.

TGH’s coordination office is in office in Erbil and sub-offices in Mosul, Sinjar, Dohuk and Sulaymaniyah. A new office will open in Tikrit during the first half of 2022. 
Ongoing interventions

A note about TGH project management: While restrictions related to Covid-19 pandemic are slowly reducing, access to a number of locations controlled by the GoI might continue to be restricted and could translate into a number of activities being managed at a distance with new arrangements and set-ups to put in place.

Job description

The Support for national Program Coordinator is a temporary position that is open with a double aim: 1) to support the newly recruited national Program Coordinator and 2) to support the development of the country’s strategy for TGH with the identification of potential development areas and funding.  TGH’s programming in Iraq relates to Child Protection, Food Security and Livelihood and the Program Coordinator ensures the quality of all interventions. The Program Coordinator line-manages 3 to 5 Project Managers, a Grants and Reporting Officer and a Protection Technical Advisor, has functional links with Project Managers based in Ninewa and with Technical Advisors at HQ, and works in direct collaboration with support Coordinators, including the Field Coordinator for Ninewa.

The Support for national Program Coordinator works under the direct supervision of the Country Director and has functional links with the Program Coordinator. He/she will have no staff under his/her line management

The main responsibilities include identification of capacity needs and capacity building provision for the Program Coordinator to:

A- Supervise the on-going projects and their implementations in the field in accordance with TGH’s general strategy as well as the one defined for Iraq programs  

B- Proactively contribute to the strategic programming and to the constant adaptation of the operational strategy to the evolutions of humanitarian context

C- Actively monitor funding opportunities and coordinating proposals writing in line with donors’ guidelines, national response plans and sectorial guidelines.

D- Ensure project monitoring and evaluation, internal reporting and capitalization

E- Ensure the relevance, integration and quality of interventions, in accordance with TGH’s best practices and with national and regional standards

F- Ensure external reporting and coordination

G- Manage project management teams  

The Support for national Program Coordinator will also be responsible for identifying development and funding opportunities and for contributing to the definition of the country strategy.

Through his/her capacity-building, the Support for national Program Coordinator will provide training to the Program Coordinator, and set up tools and processes as relevant.

Profile required

Educational background and experiences


Personal Qualities