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"Project Manager Protection in Emergency – Sudan"


Position: Project Manager Protection

Country: Sudan – the exact location will be decided based on the evolution of the current context; this includes locations in neighbouring countries.

Duration: 9 months – starting from July 2023, renewable based on availability of funds

Place in the org. Chart: Under the direct responsibility of Head of Programs and collaborates with the Field Coordinators in all areas of intervention where TGH deploys a protection emergency response to the current crisis.

Conditions: Salaried contract, gross monthly salary from €1,900 to €2,600 depending on experience, monthly per diem 600 €, medical coverage of 100% + repatriation insurance + provident fund, accommodation, international and local transportation as part of the mission, break every 3 months.

TGH has chosen a deliberately simple and transparent remuneration policy, accessible on our website www.trianglegh.org
The salary levels advertised in our job offers are set within the framework of the salary scale and are not open to negotiation.

More information on www.trianglegh.org, under "JOBS".

TGH reserves the right to end the recruitment process as soon as a candidate is positioned

Presentation of TGH

"Actor in a sustainable and shared solidarity"

Founded in 1994, TGH is a French international solidarity organization based in Lyon. The association designs and implements emergency, rehabilitation and development programs in the following sectors: water, hygiene and sanitation, civil engineering, food security and rural development, socio-educational and psychosocial. TGH is currently operating in 10 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.


The simmering political tensions in Sudan in the aftermath of the 2021 military coup came to a tragic climax on April 15, 2023, when the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) clashed in Khartoum. The rapidly evolving nature of the conflict renders any assessment of the extent of the damages difficult, between critical infrastructure destruction, loss of human life, health sector collapse, and displacement. The UN nevertheless estimates the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) at 736.000 as of May 15, a twofold increase in two weeks, while 200.000 others sought refuge in neighboring countries including Chad, Egypt, Ethiopia, and the Central African Republic, numbers that compound an already severe IDP crisis (3.7M as of 2023). Despite numerous ceasefire attempts, and internationally mediated negotiation between the warring parties, conflict still rages in Sudan and extends beyond Khartoum to reach the traditionally vulnerable regions of Darfur, among others. While it is difficult to predict the length of the conflict, humanitarian organizations resumed operations despite precarious security conditions. The needs of the Sudanese people are extremely complex, are compounded by an array of pre-existing and newly emerged factors, and can ill afford to suffer any further delays in response.

TGH has been present in Sudan since September 2003, and opened its first project for the victims of the Darfur crisis in one of the IDPs camp in West Darfur (Riyad camp of Geneina) in June 2004. TGH has since then extended its activities in West Darfur and Central Darfur, implementing its projects through 5 offices (Geneina in West Darfur; Bindizi, Um Dukhun Golo and Zalingei in Central Darfur).

On-hold operations include:

TGH is currently funded in Sudan by a set of different donors: SHF, ECHO, UNHCR and the French MoFa

Presentation of the project

During this unstable period, TGH is resuming emergency activities by adapting the response to the deterioration of the context in the sectors of WASH, Protection, NFI/ES and FSL. The area of intervention will depend on the evolution of the conflict and the access to Darfur States, Khartoum and areas of displacement e.g. Al Jazirah State.

The Project Manager will be managing protection activities, budgets, teams and liaison with relevant stakeholders. Funding will come from different donors and locations will be as wide and diverse as needs will require and security will allow. Flexibility is needed both in the way of working and in the way of implementing the projects – including with international and local partners.

Job description

The Project Manager works under the responsibility and functional supervision of the Head of Programs. The PM is also in contact with HQ technical departments and work in close coordination with the Field Coordinators.

General Assignment:
She/he is responsible for managing the overall protection in emergency activities, ensuring timely and quality implementation, supervision, monitoring, reporting and budget follow-up. Some representation and liaison with government line bureaus and humanitarian actors will also be expected.

Project Management and Reporting

Human Resource Management

Finance, Logistics and Administration




This list of Roles and Responsibilities is not exhaustive and can be adjusted based on on-going TGH Syria needs.

Commitment to TGH Child Protection Policy, TGH Anti-fraud and Anti-Corruption Policy and TGH PSEA Policy is a formal requirement for employment. TGH strongly condemns all corporal punishment or physical violence, threats of physical violence, sexual abuse or exploitation, harassment and verbal abuse, as well as all other forms of intimidation.

TGH applies a "zero tolerance" policy with regard to all misconduct affecting the professional credibility of its employees: TGH staff; partners (local or international) and service providers. This must be respected by the employee throughout the term of his contract, during and outside working hours. The application of those policies is imperative and any breach will result in disciplinary measure.

Safety, working and living conditions

The Emergency Project Manager will strictly follow TGH Security Plan depending on the place of assignment.
TGH will monitor the security situation on a weekly basis and will take decisions on accommodation and working conditions consequently. As the context is unpredictable, TGH will take all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety and decent working and living conditions without putting the Project manager at risk.

The person assigned should be adaptable and ready to move if the context evolve.


Educational background and experiences


Personal Qualities