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Stakeholders in committed and sustainable international solidarity


Convinced that every person has the right to live with dignity and respect, regardless of their origins, gender, sexual orientation, religion or social status, we stand in solidarity with populations living in unacceptable conditions. Alarmed by the multiplication of conflicts, the aggravation of underlying causes, and the impacts of climate change, we remain determined stakeholders in committed and sustainable international solidarity. Faced with the complexity of the problems we address, the interactions between acute crises and chronic poverty and the interconnecting needs, we deploy multi-sector expertise combining emergency response, rehabilitation and development.
We believe that the diversity of our local responses is compatible with the complexity and the holistic nature of the issues faced.

Guided by the principles of Humanity, Neutrality, Impartiality and Independence, our scrupulous compliance with these principles legitimises our claim to unconditional access to populations in need, we contribute to promoting international humanitarian law whilst fully respecting local sovereignty.
We believe that principles and values are compatible with pragmatism and effectiveness.

Champions of community action, we are keen to meet the needs where they arise. We involve communities at every stage of our actions and offer them commitment and accountability in return. Attentive to the need to fully respect people’s dignity and to the lasting impact of our interventions, we prioritise national and local partnerships and work for their equitable development.
We believe that international solidarity and expertise are compatible with a participatory approach and humility.

As the recipients of institutional funds, we guarantee they are used rigorously, transparently and ethically. We assert that the public funding of our actions is a vector for the equitable redistribution of resources in the fight against vulnerabilities. We mobilise resources to implement our own projects and do not operate as sub-contractors implementing actions conceived by third-parties.
We believe that public funding and accountability are compatible with independence and commitment.

Mindful of the quality of our actions, we provide all the guarantees required, including measuring impacts, integrating fundamental cross-cutting issues such as gender and environment, and justify and document the use of the funds entrusted to us.
We believe that the formal demands placed on us must be compatible with us fulfilling our remit of assisting populations.

Thirty years of operations and loyalty to our values demonstrate that, generation after generation, our model remains relevant, reliable, effective and sustainable.