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93% of our resources are dedicated to actions in the field
(2021 data)

Our annual financial statements are certified by In Extenso, a firm registered with the Compagnie des Commissaires aux Comptes de Lyon. They are available in our annual activity report (online on our website) and on the website of the Direction de l’information légale et administrative:

In France, when you make a donation, you can receive a charitable income tax deduction of 66% within a 20% limit of your taxable income. (January 18 2005 French legislation n°2005-32 of the social cohesion programming act, art. 127, CGI, art.200): For example, if you decide to donate €100, it will cost you €34 after tax deduction.

Please fill in this donation form then click on SEND.
After being redirected to a summary page you will reach the Paybox secure payment site

To get a donation receipt you must fill in all the fields
In compliance with the legislation in force, you have the right to access and alter your personal information.

30 € e.g. 10 € 20 after tax deduction
50 € e.g. 17 € 00 after tax deduction
75 € e.g. 25 € 50 after tax deduction
100 € e.g. 34 € 00 after tax deduction
125 € e.g. 42 € 50 after tax deduction
Other amount € e.g. after tax deduction

You wish to make a regular donation? Contact us to receive a form to implement regular debit.

If you wish, you can make a donation by check payable to Triangle Génération Humanitaire with your name and contact information so we can send you a tax receipt. Please send us your check and information to the following address :
Triangle Génération Humanitaire - 1 rue de Montribloud - F-69009 LYON

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