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ALGERIA (Sahrawi refugees)

Assistance to the most vulnerable groups of
Sahrawi refugees living in the Tindouf area






United Nations Refugee Agency



FROM 01/01/2017 TO 12/31/2017




This programme is a continuation of the activities implemented through successive partnerships with UNHCR since 2001.

Since 2002, TGH has been ensuring the management of a mechanical workshop in charge of the maintenance and repair of all the humanitarian vehicles present in the camps, as well as the running of decentralized mechanical workshops responsible for the preventive maintenance of the vehicles intended for the regular supply of refugees in drinking water, non-food items and other services. This programme aims to maintain the central workshop in Rabouni and to set up new decentralized workshops (pilot workshop in Laayoune, managed by TGH since 2011, workshop in Boujdour, run by TGH since 2014, and new workshop established in Dakhla in 2015).

Chaîne de production complète de l’atelier de production de Savon

Complete production line of the soap production workshop inaugurated in 2015

TGH also continues its assistance mission for people with disabilities, proposing activities that aim to improve the reception conditions in centres specialized in the assistance to children with disabilities, through the rehabilitation of infrastructure and the provision of equipment. The staff of these centres are also supported in their activities in order to improve the quality of care provided to children, and subsequently the living conditions of the beneficiaries and their families.

Since 2005, TGH has also been supporting health services through the rehabilitation of existing infrastructure, ensuring the supply and equipping of various medical services and supporting as much as possible the health professionals working in the different structures in the camps. Moreover, in 2003, TGH launched the production of bleach and soap, and in 2013 this activity was complemented by the production of packaged soap bars, distributed to schools and hospitals to improve overall health conditions for the population, and to the Water Department for the disinfection of the water intended for consumption. Since 2015, a new production unit has been ensuring the provision of soap to the entire camp population. In 2017, the soap production will cover the overall needs of the population and institutions, and part of it will be for sale on local and regional markets.

And finally, since 2005, TGH has been distributing hygiene kits to Sahrawi women. This activity will be continued.

Since 2001, TGH has been striving to improve the coordination and efficiency of the humanitarian assistance implemented by the various organizations and institutions through the daily management of the facilities used by the aid workers as a base. This form of support, which is essential for the good coordination of the actors involved in the humanitarian response, will also be pursued.