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2005 ... 2009

On December the 26th 2004, at 7:58 (local time), the American institute of geology (USGS) detected a seism of exceptional magnitude, 9.0 (Richter scale), in the Indian Ocean. Its epicentre was located off the western coast of northern Sumatra, Indonesia, more precisely at 250 km south/south-east of the town, Banda Aceh, at a depth of 10 km.

The devastating earthquake and Tsunami that struck the Indian Ocean caused the death of over 230.000 people. Eleven countries were impacted, especially the Indonesian province of Aceh (Sumatra), lying close to the epicentre of the earthquake that generated the tidal waves.


Marsh 2008 / April 2009

Support to the Indonesian NGO, "Yayasan Pijar Harapan Lhoong"

Out of the 28 villages forming Lhoong, the tsunami crushed 24. The 29 year old conflict between the independentists and the Indonesian government had already weakened the province, particularly in the rural regions such as Lhoong (the peace agreements were signed in 2005).

August 2007 / April 2009

Integrated project for livelihood activities in meulingge bay – Pulau Breueh

To strengthen livelihood activities in the communities of the Meulingge Bay in order to give the beneficiaries the ability to recover their past economic capacity providing support on all economical activities that have been affected by the Tsunami.

2005 / 2007

From 2005 to 2007, the Fondation de France financed several of TGH's programmes

Creation of a community center and support to micro-finance in Lhoong sub-district, revival of fishing-related economic activities in Aceh district and Aceh islands, distribution of equipment for river, basin and seafront fishing to communities in the coastal villages of Aceh Besar and Aceh Jaya districts.

June 2006 / May 2007

Development of a Community Centre and Support to Micro Finance

This program is an extension of a previous one (Psycho-social support for victims of the tsunami through vocational training).

April 2006 / June 2007

Restore Fishing-Related Activities in Aceh Java District

Since 2005, Triangle's main priorities in Indonesia have been to rebuild traditional infrastructures and restore the activities of fishing cooperatives.

June 2006 / June 2007

Restore Fishing-Related Economic Activities on Pulau Aceh Islands

Our objective is to support recovery of fishing-related activities on the islands and, as a result, help islanders who were displaced because of the tsunami.

May 2005 / April 2006

Psycho-Social Support for Victims of the Tsunami through Vocational Training

This project is directly linked to our first community support action aimed at helping the child victims of the Tsunami.

February 2005 / May 2006

Helping the Local Community Care for Child Victims of the Tsunami

This programme took place in the sub-district of Lhoong, 35 kilometres south of Bandah Aceh where 24 out of 28 villages were destroyed on December 26 2004.

April 2005 / April 2006

Restore Fishing-Related Activities in Aceh Besar District

As well as building 36 boats for the Lampuuk fishing cooperative, this project helped implement a chilling system for each coop; now the community can better preserve fish and strengthen its sales/distribution network.

February 2005 / June 2006

Restore Fishing-Related Activities in Aceh Besar District

Financed by ECHO, this project led to construction of 50 boats and helped re-launch the fishing cooperative of Lhok Nga: reconstruction of the premises, rehabilitation of the banks of the channel leading to the port, management and organization guidance...

January 2005 / Marsh 2006

Restore Fishing-Related Activities in Aceh Besar District

This funding allowed us to build 45 boats for the Lhoon fishing village and create port infrastructures. In addition, a solidarity fund, created by deducting a minor percentage from the fishing revenue, was used to develop further activities, for instance in the areas of agriculture and breeding.

January 2006 / June 2006

"Small Fish " Project in Aceh Besar and Aceh Java District

This project featured distribution of coastal, basin and river fishing equipment to coastal village communities.

October 2005 / Marsh 2006

Training and Rehabilitation of the Power Supply System in Lhoong Sub-District

It included replacement of the old power supply system, maintenance of the new system by people trained through a vocational training scheme and distribution of a spare parts kit.