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During Typhoon Yolanda on November 7th 2013 the Philippines was swept from east to west by winds of an average 170 m/h accompanied by gusts of more than 200 m/h. It is considered as the most intense typhoon of the season and one of the most violent ever recorded.

In regard to the obvious needs for socio-economic activities to resume and the various deployments of humanitarian aid, Triangle Génération Humanitaire carried out a study on different islands and targeted a zone remote from economic centres and humanitarian aid.



January 2014 / March 2015

Assistance to populations affected by Typhoon Yolanda

Initial findings and key figures:
- Target zone: Sulangan Barangay, isolated village of 4,950 inhabitants
- Village to the extreme south of Samar very exposed during the typhoon
- Around 570 out of 630 boats destroyed