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TGH ongoing protection support to children
and their families during Covid-19 outbreak

TGH Iraq mission has been providing much needed protection and livelihood services to children and families since 2013. TGH has been here through the Mosul crisis, the defeat of ISIS, and has maintained its steady presence and support to the vulnerable children and families in Federal Iraq and Kurdish Region of Iraq. In these new times of crisis, TGH remains committed to continue its work to ensure the most vulnerable members of Iraq communities remain safe throughout this global pandemic. 

TGH has adapted its humanitarian response, in particular its Child Protection activities, to ensure it can maintain necessary protection response, and the safety and welfare of its team.   

TGH fait du porte-à-porte pour sensibiliser covid-19

TGH case worker conducting door-to-door awareness raising on safety personal measures to adopt in response to Covid-19 outbreak

In-camp displaced populations are especially at-risk during a sanitary crisis with reduced available services, low access to information, and impossible social distancing increasing their already-high vulnerability. The spread of such an infectious disease exposes children to specific protection risks – separation from caregivers, food scarcity, child abuse, family and domestic violence, and sexual abuse. TGH continues working to prevent and mitigate these risks by providing alternative care and adapted child protection services, inclusive of awareness raising on risks and prevention of COVID-19 spread.

As the only child protection organisation in both Khazer and Salamiyah camps in Northern Iraq, TGH has adjusted its intervention strategy to ensure continuing services. TGH’s community based approach and investment in the skills and abilities of community members has ensured that even in cases where only remote support is available, TGH’s community Child Protection Committees are able to provide direct support by identifying at-risk cases, receiving telephone coaching and support from TGH Child Protection teams, and referring families to health and other services as needed. TGH is coordinating with Health actors and Camp Management in both camps, and has trained and supported teams ready to provide 24 hours a day care to children who require isolated assistance, due to the risks associated with their caregiver’s separation for COVID-19 testing and/or treatment.

TGH also continues providing coaching and support to government and non-government child protection services, redesigning and adapting to the specific context. Remote case management for identified at-risk children is thus ensured and support services remain available during ongoing lockdown. TGH teams continue to work and coordinate through this crisis with relevant actors to ensure proper management of identified at-risk cases.

In the case of a child quarantined in hospital, as part of a collective response from Child Protection actors, TGH has volunteered Child Protection focal points for local hospitals to provide remote support to health staff and ensure the wellbeing of the children. Focal points are available 24 hours a day to provide support and advice on child protection issues and ensure appropriate responses for identified children at-risk.

TGH thanks its teams for their continuous mobilization and engagement whether on the field or remotely!

TGH fait du porte-à-porte pour sensibiliser covid-19

TGH team member ensuring remote management of Child Protection capacity development activities TGH Erbil Office