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Support programme for vulnerable populations


Food security and livelihoods

Food security and livelihoods


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FROM 11/01/2017 to 03/31/2021




Years of conflict in Darfur have weakened the socio-economic situation of the population. The security environment improves, but human activities and climate change exacerbate an already precarious situation, exposing the most vulnerable households to food insecurity.

In the targeted areas, the main needs relate to vulnerability and chronic exposure of farm households to food insecurity and poverty due to random incomes depending solely on low agricultural harvests. Various constraints (low quality seeds, lack of agricultural inputs, highly exposed fields, etc.) limit the production of cereals (sorghum and millet) for the self-consumption of households engaged in agricultural activities, and deforestation and the deterioration of natural pastures are increasing in many areas.

This programme contributes to improving the availability, access and use of quality cereal and market crops, initially through the purchase of seeds and their distribution and the supply of complementary agricultural equipment (pumps, tools, fences, etc.) to the selected beneficiaries. These distributions are accompanied by training, particularly on the multiplication of seeds to prevent the use of poor quality seeds, and on the establishment and management of a seed bank grouping to disseminate them in farmers' environments. At the same time, support will be provided for income-generating activities (IGAs), particularly for vulnerable people and women in rural areas, through training in IGA management and the strengthening of capacities for production and distribution of seeds, tools and irrigation equipment. Finally, training sessions on improved culinary practices will be offered to the beneficiaries in order to diversify and improve people's diets.

The second line of action will contribute to improving the physical and security environment. Support will be given to peace committee initiatives in the region to prevent antagonisms and confrontations, and to avoid the destruction of livelihoods (fields, herds, etc.). Fences will also be proposed for the most exposed plots, and TGH will contribute its expertise to reforestation projects and natural resource management. The nursery located in the locality of Kreinik will be rehabilitated for the production of local trees (shade trees to protect the most exposed plots and fruit trees). In the localities of Geneina and Kreinik, TGH will set up cash-for-work activities, particularly intended for reforestation.

Throughout the programme, local actors (NGOs, line ministries) will be involved in the action to strengthen their capacities and sustain achievements.